Every Sunday we have a formal service at 9.30am, and a more informal one around tables from 10.45am. Refreshments follow the 9.30 service, so the 10.45 starts with these. Children are welcome at both services; separate activities are provided for them at the 10.45 one.

Sundays :  1st Sunday of the month :

9.30am    Holy Communion or Service of the Word
10.45am   Family Service

2nd and 4th Sunday :

9.30am    Holy Communion
10.45am   Sunday Meeting

3rd Sunday :

8.00am    Holy Communion
9.30am    Service of the Word
10.45am   Sunday Meeting

5th Sunday

10.00am    Songs of Praise  (Joint Service)

NB On special occasions, such as Harvest or Easter, times may vary – see under Special Events


Open House  from 11.00am in the Church : All Welcome

 Every Tuesday we meet from 11.00am in the church. We start with refreshments, and then have an informal service sitting around tables from around 11.15am. There are some hymns/songs, some prayers, a bible reading and short talk. We then have an opportunity for discussion around the tables before a final song. Afterwards we have a light lunch together, which is provided.

NB We do not normally meet in August or close to Easter, Christmas, and the New Year. Check under Special Events and Dates

Messy Church

An opportunity for people with young children to join with the church family for: Fun, Food, Faith and Friendship
Through stories, crafts and a meal for the whole family
(All children must be accompanied by an adult)

In the Church every 3 months:

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