Weddings & Blessings


Are you thinking about a venue for your wedding? We’d be very pleased to talk with you about the possibility of holding it in the beautiful setting of St. Helens Church. It is a wonderful historic building with plenty of room, and hundreds of couples have enjoyed very happy wedding celebrations here.

You don’t have to be a church goer to have your wedding at St.Helens. What is needed is simply that you live or have lived (for 6 months) in the parish* - which is Cliffe, Cliffe Woods and Cooling. Otherwise,  you may well have a connection with the parish which qualifies you to have your wedding here , or be able to make one. We can explain the full details if you would like to contact us. 

(if you or your partner has been married before the position is more complicated  – please ask)

Please contact : Mr Clint Felstead ; 01634 222472



We welcome enquiries about Christenings for your babies or young children.

We suggest to everyone that a service of Thanksgiving and Blessing is held, and arrangements can be made for this either within a service on Sunday or as a separate event. Someone will visit you at home to explain what is involved.

Some people may choose to go on from the Blessing to have a Baptism for their baby or young child. Again, this would be discussed with you.

Please contact : Mr Clint Felstead ; 01634 222472

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